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What can Empire-SEO NYC offer you?

Not only in NYC we offer website maintenance, site security, support around the globe. Try our 1 hour FREE* consulting support then decide whatever you want a Yearly, Monthly, or Hourly plan. We are open to any kind of business.

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  • 24/7 Website Updates
  • Weekly CMS Upgrades
  • Daily Security Scan
  • Monthly full-site backup
  • Stop Spammer
  • Look for 404 errors
  • Broken links; check
  • User access issues
  • Web hosting issues
  • Updating the content
  • Testing page speeds
  • Checking any opt-in forms
  • Promotion Support*
  • SEM Support*
  • SEO Support*

What Our Clients Say

I am really happy with Empire teamwork. My website is now even faster than I expected. They worked and communicated quickly and professionally.
Alan Ginsburg
They were excellent to work with. Was quick to reply and got everything done on time. They certainly went above and beyond.
Kate Bucher
Very responsive and helpful. Understands the problems quickly, makes good suggestions, and goes the extra mile, and ensures that you have a good understanding of what needs to be done and how to fix things.
Bill Mingo

Frequently Asked Question

Website maintenance means fixing or identifying specific or potential problems with a website. Web support is the ability for users to report system-related problems, such as content or data errors.

Website maintenance plans are an ongoing service that helps keep your website healthy and performing well. Most plans offer services like content, SEO, user experience, and security.

Website maintenance is required to regularly check your website for issues, correct any issues, and make updates.

Website maintenance does everyday six areas that need attention on a regular basis. They are Security, Content, Design, Technical SEO, Functionality, and Performance.

It depends! The average annual cost of maintaining the website is $400 to $60,000. While some services, such as technical support and website updates, may require you to pay monthly, others require website maintenance fees to be paid annually.

Maintenance typically takes four to six hours, but the full 12 hours are reserved. When a server fails, it often happens during reboots that are required during maintenance.

The term downtime describes times when a system is not available. Unavailability is the portion of a period in which a system is unavailable or offline. This is usually because the system went down due to an unplanned event or due to routine maintenance.

4 types of maintenance are – 1. Corrective Maintenance 2. Preventive Maintenance 3. Risk-based Maintenance 4. Condition-based Maintenance

Maintenance is an important factor in quality assurance and, in some cases, determines the long-term success of a website or business. Poorly maintained resources can cause instability and partially or completely interrupt production. Defective machines or complete breakdowns can become a costly process for most companies.

The most valuable 5 benefits of preventive maintenance are – 1. Lengthen asset lifespan 2. Lower risk of breakdowns 3. Increase efficiency 4. Boost customer satisfaction 5. Save money

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